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Town Meeting Minutes: 3/26/14

Awards Town Meeting

Awards from Chris K:

  • Foundation to Core transition
  • Major improvements in reading
  • Above and beyond and Eagle Time

Awards from Paulette:

  • Certificates of recognition for College Summit Peer Leaders
  • Recognition for Khan Academy progress
  • Recognition for outstanding participation in Civics Discourse
  • Participation in History Day and winners
  • Civics final research paper

Awards from Erik:

  • Represented HSC at COLT Poetry Convention
  • Accepted into CCY summer program
  • Perfect attendance for first semester
  • Finish a class before end of year

Awards from Cameo:

  • Honorable mention
  • Honors
  • High Honors



Announcements: 6/21/13

November 20, 2013: Parent Advisory Council, Understanding the Common Core Standards, Presenter: Karen McNulty (Literacy Coach at Celentano School) at Celentano School, 400 Canner St.  Door prizes and free books! Refreshments will be served.


If you want to stay up to date on what’s going on at HSC follow  @hscstudentnews.


HSC ALSJ sun- catcher wrist bands are now available! We have purple, orange, red and blue, 50 cents each or FREE it you have done something awesome. Bring your 50 cents or a note from a teacher explaining the awesome thing you did to Cari to get your own cool wrist band.


Planning to take a college course in the spring? Make sure that you turn in your application to Cari as soon as possible!

HSC students are planning to take classes at Gateway, Southern, Quinnipiac, UNH, and Yale. If you are doing well in your classes here at HSC, consider taking advantage of this great opportunity!


Other Recent News:

HSC teachers regularly participate in a variety of professional development activities to learn new ways to support our students in their pursuit of academic excellence. In addition to our work locally, several teachers engaged in groundbreaking professional development at the state and national level, allowing us to offer our students cutting-edge educational programs.

Paulette Jackson, Ephy Theodoropoulos, Cari Strand, and foundation level student Mizarahi attended the Restorative Schools Conference organized by Teachers Unite and the Dignity in Schools Campaign-NY. The conference was a critical moment for educators and youth in New York City public schools. Over 40 educators, 25 high school students, and 25 advocates, organizers, and parents came together on the January 28th Professional Development Day to share experiences, challenges, and strategies for implementing restorative practices at their schools.

HSC’s Wayne Austin (math), Deiree Bisaillon (English), and Matthew Presser (English) recently undertook a unique program of study presented by the National Academy of Advanced Teacher Education (NAATE).  Designed to improve student achievement at high-needs schools across the country, the NAATE program brings together top-performing teachers from around the nation for an intense two-week course of study designed to make them better classroom teachers and to boost student achievement.  The program also provides participants with the essential tools required to share their expertise and skills with their colleagues outside their classrooms, and help lead improvement efforts in their schools.   Hosted in Chicago, IL, this year’s program includes more than 50 teachers representing 29 schools in 13 US cities.

English teachers Liz Johnston and Adeline Marzialo participated in a workshop at ACES (Area Cooperative Educational Services) to learn how we can align HSC’s curricula with the Common Core State Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. They have already begun sharing their new knowledge with the HSC faculty.

HSC’s Chef Cheryl Barbara named Chopped champion! Read more here.

New Haven Pulse: New Comings at HSC

02/09/12, Bringing Science out of Yale and into New Haven

This year, The New Haven Independent has been spending time at HSC and documenting the changes we’ve been making. Here are some of their articles featuring our school:


What makes HSC ALSJ special?

I asked, and our students answered: Small learning environment Talents Mastery learning Family Artists/Arts The people Sports (Hillhouse, Cross, HSC’s soccer club) Focuses on the future Diversity Helpful teachers Eagle Block Great classes 7 Advanced Placement classes Seeing each other laugh Opportunities (e.g., Youth Rights…

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Legal and Law Enforcement Day 2!

Thank you to all of our amazing Legal and Law Enforcement Day presenters and supporters: Roland Lemar, Keynote Speaker Dr. Jibey Asthappan, University of New Haven Beata Bagi, Victim Services Advocate Crawford Black Bar Association Officer Michael Daniele, NHPD Alder Sal DeCola Attorney Bryan Etter…

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HSC ALSJ’s A-B-Caesars Win!

High School in the Community (HSC) Academy for Law and Social Justice students Alif Albiruni, Shania Cuffy, and Amy Zheng won the high school round of the New Haven Reads Spelling Bee on Friday, October 24 at the Bucknall Theater on the University of New…

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Yale Global Scholars

Applications for Yale’s Global Scholars Program are available now at and are due by February 26. Need-based scholarships are available. The Yale Young Global Scholars Program is designed to challenge top performing high school students with fast-paced, university-level material. Prior to arriving at Yale,…

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Bridge (Senior) Fundraiser

Dear Teachers, On October 27, HSC ALSJ’s Bridge students will be holding a fundraiser to help pay for prom and other senior-year expenses. For just $5 for a plate and $1 for a drink, you can support our students and enjoy a delicious lunch. Money…

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WILD in the White Mountains: Part II

As promised in our earlier post about HSC ALSJ’s Wilderness Inspired Leadership Development (WILD) group’s trip to the top of Mt. Washington, we have more pictures of our mountain-climbing students in action! Click this link to watch a video compilation of the best shots from the…

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Read to Grow

Please join us for our next Read to Grow event on Oct. 7 from 6:30–7:30 p.m. Students and families will share a light meal, choose books that have been donated to our school by Read to Grow, and then spend time relaxing and reading their new…

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Youth Rights Media Visit

Daniel from Youth Rights Media visited Fran’s Technology and Digital Citizenship class today, sharing YRM’s amazing student-created film projects. You might recognize the face on the screen as HSC ALSJ graduate Julie who worked with YRM for three years. We’re looking forward to having more…

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We are so proud of Azucena Rojas for earning acceptance into Unity College, her top choice school! Science teacher Paul Jones is especially excited to have a student heading for his alma mater (check out the sticker on his laptop).          …

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Police Explorers Visit

Detective Stone and three Police Explorers (including HSC ALSJ’s own Raziel and Ismael) visited a group of enthusiastic prospective officers today to share information about the program. Explorers go through the same training as the cadets and often work side-by-side with NHPD officers. If you…

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