HSC students Alondra, Melady, and Tyron kick off their campaigns for New Haven Board of Ed’s student seat!

Excerpted from the New Haven Register:

Candidates for New Haven Board of Education student position vie for votes

NEW HAVEN >> As non-voting student Board of Education member Kimberly Sullivan heads off to college, the search for a replacement has begun in earnest.

The seven sophomores vying to replace Sullivan participated in a forum at the New Haven Free Public Library Wednesday, answering questions about the issues that matter to them and their perceptions of a student representative’s role on the board.

High School in the Community and ACES student Alondra Martinez-Lopez spoke of unifying the student body. Candidate Melady Morocho, who takes the same academic program as Martinez-Lopez, said she would approach the Board of Education as a negotiator, and listen to adults as well as students. Both Martinez-Lopez and Morocho spoke of their desire to represent needs of English language learning students, who they believed to be among the most voiceless in the school system.

High School in the Community student Tyron Houston said he believes being a student representative is part of upholding student commitment to getting an education. If students want to see change, he reasoned, they must do a share of the work.

Full article available here: http://www.nhregister.com/government-and-politics/20160323/candidates-for-new-haven-board-of-education-student-position-vie-for-votes


Excerpted from the New Haven Independent:

7 Students Vie For Board Of Ed Seat

by | Mar 24, 2016 7:32 am

No one interrupted an opponent, made fun of the media or called anyone a loser.

Instead, at a forum held Wednesday afternoon at the Ives main branch of the New Haven Free Public Library, seven candidates respectfully fielded questions and made their case for why they should be the next student representative on the city’s new hybrid Board of Education (BOE).

The student candidates are looking to fill the vacancy that will be created when one of the two current student members of the Board of Education, Sound School senior Kimberly Sullivan, graduates at the end of this school year.

At Wednesday’s forum, students fielded questions from the school district’s Suzanne Lyons, who has been involved with the student elections process since it was formalized; and Earle Lobo of the city’s youth department. Lyons pointed out that the seven candidates had met the first test already: Each convinced 100 of their fellow students to sign a petition for their candidacy. The candidates had to get 50 signatures from students at their school and 50 from students at other schools.  Lyons said the candidates actually amassed 875 signatures, 700 of which were unique signatures.

Alondria Martinez-Lopez from High School in the Community pointed to her roots as part of the role that her voice would play should she be elected. “I should continue speaking up for others especially since I’m Hispanic,” she said. “I’m Mexican-American and I know there are many students who don’t know English yet and are struggling to learn English and I could be that voice to help them.”

Tyron Houston of High School in the Community said that diversity is the school district’s greatest asset, and he was not just talking about the different races and ethnicities of the student body. He pointed out that students from the suburbs have chosen to seek out educational opportunities in New Haven.

“I think that’s a great thing,” he said. “Our reputation must be good enough for other towns and things of that nature. Our school system must be not better than theirs, but it has to have something that has actually perked their interest to want to come to New Haven Schools.”

Melady Morocho of High School in the Community, who was in the minority of students who had not created a social media presence for her campaign, said that she is a shy person. She said she hopes that if she were elected, by the end of her term that would change.

“With this opportunity I’m hoping it will help me grow and get out of my box,” she said. “At the end of my term hopefully I will be not too shy, but not too confident. But I would say for the kids, [I hope] to make them happy and enable them to be happy with what they’re doing and when they graduate.”

Full article available here: http://www.newhavenindependent.org/index.php/archives/entry/student_boe_candidates/