Eagle Time

This is a picture of Alexus sitting in my office at 3:15 p.m. yesterday registering for a high school language program at Yale University. What, I’m sure you’re asking, is a student still doing in school at that time?

You might remember David and Brandon’s post about our monthly Eagle Days. Well, we also have an extended day program twice a week called Eagle Time. During Eagle Time, students can get extra help from their teachers, take advantage of opportunities to accelerate their studies, or collaborate with peers.

In addition to finishing all of her homework, Alexus worked on annotating a story with Liz, her English teacher, and then got help on her graphing work for Tom’s class from Kelly, another math teacher. While Alexus was one of the last to leave, she was far from the only student to stay for ET: 46 students worked with teachers during Tuesday’s session, which is about average for this year. We really enjoy this extra time working together. Eagle Time and Eagle Days provide important support for our students as they strive towards mastery, and they give us a chance to connect and create a more cohesive community.