Champion of the badminton world!

The 2nd Annual Badminton tournament started with 46 competitors. It was not an easy journey, but Jairo and Angel were the last players still swinging rackets. Angel came in breezing through the competition with only Jeremiah giving him a challenge. Jairo, reminiscent of Michael Jordan’s flu game, came in under the weather but mustered up enough energy to battle for the title. The crowd was buzzing, wondering if Jairo the Jalapeño could do the unthinkable, knock off heavy favorite Angel. It was a hard fought match with both players doing whatever it took to join Joe Gaudio on the list of Badminton Champions. Jairo gave everything he had, but Angel was too much for him to handle. Championship game: Angel 21 Jairo 13. It was a great tournament but when the smoke cleared there was only one player who reigned supreme! Angel Martinez was unstoppable and is now the 2017 HSC Badminton Champion!


Shout out to all the students who took the risk and submitted their name in this year’s tournament. There are a lot of younger impressive players out there but for now a senior will leave with the Golden Racket yet again! There were many memories created and a ton of great competition! For those students who lost there will always be next year but for now Angel sits atop the mountain, both arms raised, as champion of the badminton world!