We have a championship match!

Jeremiah and Angel had a match for the ages as they both battled to stay alive in the tournament. The crowd was thrown into an emotional rollercoaster as this match was full of intense moments and lead changes. Jeremiah continued to make magic as he gave Angel a run for his money and had him tight against the ropes! Angel refused to lose battling back making the match 21-21. If you are new to the game of badminton, you must win by 2 points. So the match continued on as onlookers refused to blink worrying they might miss a point. These kids did not give up. Angel, facing his first close game of the tournament, showed the heart of a champion and found a way to move on beating Jeremiah 24-22. Jeremiah put on a great show advancing further than anyone anticipated but it was not his tournament to have.


So the match is set!
Angel vs Jairo


A champion will be crowned tomorrow, lunchtime!


Badminton fever rolls on…at least for one more day.